About Us

Hopper Island started as the dream to not only offer authentic tropical inspired wear but clothing that was domestically produced here in the USA. During our journey, we were motivated to additionally offer sustainably made products that were reasonably priced. The Island is where everyone is welcome, we have a great time making lasting memories and leave the Island better than we found it for the next generation. As a family owned and operated business, it is important to us to continue to build a lasting legacy for those who come after us. The biggest way that we can have an impact on that legacy is to be an inclusive family and most importantly protect our environment. You may be asking yourself, “Then why do they have all these crazy deals going on right now?” Well, that's a great question. Hopper Island is doing this in order to advance our trademark so that we can move forward and bring you unique, domestically produced and sustainably manufactured authentic island wear for the entire family.