The Hopper Island Story

Everyone who comes to the The Island is welcomed with open arms and warm hearts. We are a fusion of cultures where everyone is welcome and we learn from one another. Together, we build a sustainable and safe place to develop lasting memories. Our Island family believes in more than just saving the reefs or rainforests. For us, it is a way of life by buying/manufacturing our products responsibly, having zero waste and fostering these behaviors in our future generations.

Our Island culture is one that is laid back and everyone who visits is family. Anytime we drive around the Island, we hail our fellow residents with the broadest of smiles. We enjoy the simple things in life and don’t need much to get a party started! Our clothing style is different in that you’ll never need a business suit or tux.(Fancy flip flops, anyone?) Forget the mainland attitude and switch over to Island time! Island time means that we are never in a rush and we enjoy every experience to the fullest. Ultimately, our little Island thrives on the belief of love for one another and no matter what, we are all family.

Welcome to The Island!